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Mirus + Partners is an ecosystem of people who want to change the world.

When we look around, we wish that things had more intelligence, more clarity, and more beauty.
We also wish that people pursued their yearnings with more passion and integrity.

While it is not so easy to change people, we are trying to change things.

Our playgrounds are information technology, product development and design, and we will cover more areas as more great people join us.


We think that we can be very successful
and still be good people - sticking to our
ideals, keeping our sense of humour.


By weaving a network of uniquely gifted,
impassioned people from around the world,
and giving them a role
where they can do what they do best.


Jan Mirus

Managing Founder

Munich | New York

Nick Jennings


Prague | San Francisco

Michael Geldmacher




Vassilis Bakopoulos

Advisory Board

Athens | New York

Martin Dvořák

Advisory Board


Philippe Guegan

Advisory Board

Paris | New York

Marc-Nicolas Oerke

Advisory Board



Project uNapse

Isn't the world all about connecting? Connect friends with friends, connect ideas with solutions, connect questions with answers, connect people, knowledge and resources, connect Facebook with LinkedIn and Outlook.

If only we could connect things smartly and swimmingly, we could create a powerful brain to inspire us and make us achieve our goals.

We were looking at existing means to

We like social networks, but we think they are limited. Limited to themselves. Limited to a fixed format. Can't we connect our friends to our ideas, our projects, our life?

We were disappointed by existing semantic web applications that promise to connect things fitly for us. They are *yawn* very semantic, but complicated to use. Most promises are not kept anyway.

We liked the visual beauty and clarity of social graphs and mind maps. We disliked mind mapping applications though, because they don't care about content and people. (They are more like PowerPoint.)

We found it was time for a new powerful tool to connect.

Mirus + Partners started the development of uNapse, a new kind of internet application.

A powerful tool to create a neuronal brain of ideas, to digest and leverage information, to integrate different social networks, and to bring the idea of semantic internet to life -
presented through an intriguing graphic user interface.

The launch of a private Beta is scheduled for March 2012.
Until then, visit uNapse.com for news and feel free to contact us with any comments or questions.

If you want us to keep you posted, please leave us your e-mail address below.

U.S. patent No. 12/779,140 pending. All right reserved © Jan Mirus 2010


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e-mail: contact@mirus-partners.com


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We welcome a new team member: Ales Veselka, CZ's best AS developper
Trademark registered: uNapse
Thomas Gutke joins the advisory board
Project CONNECT EVERYTHING: UI prototype finalized
Project CONNECT EVERYTHING: developers meeting in Calcutta
website re-launched
executive team meeting in Prague
Project CONNECT EVERYTHING: Prototype development started
Patent application filed - U.S. patent No. 12/779,140 pending
Nick Jennings joins Mirus + Partners as CTO
Martin Dvorak joins the advisory board
Philippe Guegan joins the advisory board
Vassilis Bakopoulos joins the advisory board
4 weeks of extensive consumer research completd
Marc-Nicolas Oerke joins the advisory board
Michael Geldmacher joins Mirus + Partners as CSO